Cambridge Ice Arena was opened in August 2019. All ice hockey teams, except Cambridge University teams, were formed after August 2019. The year-round ice rink is 56 meters by 26 meters (minimum size rink for NHL games), and has 300 sits.
Cambridge Ice Arena
Newmarket Road, Cambridge CB5 8AA

This is an informational web-site about ice hockey teams based in Cambridge (UK),
training and playing at Cambridge Ice Arena.

The teams are divided in the following categories: Men, Women, Juniors and University of Cambridge teams.

Also, you can find here the schedule of home games of these teams.

A list of reliable shops for ice hockey skates and gear is added here.

Lastly, you can exchange messages - sell and buy skates and ice hockey gear.
You may need a goalie for your next training session, sharpen skates, or any message
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